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Treating Irons -

MTS one piece Treating Iron comprises an integral MTS wing union end connection which eliminates welds and threads. Available in length upto 12 feet. Material is of Carbon Steel and alloy steel and is light weight. This integral treating iron is capable of handling a variety of fluids at cold working pressure of 15000 PSI. MTS treating irons are also available for sour service upto a CWP of 10,000 PSI & in other lengths if required.

Recommended Service -

These are suitable for High Pressure Discharge Lines, temporary Flow Lines, Auxiliary Flow Lines, Well Testing Lines, Water Lines, Choke and Kill Lines and Abrasive Applications.

Salient Benefits -

Since there are no welds and threads, MTS treating Irons provide an uniform bore of greater flow capacity and improved flow characteristics. MTS design allows for uniform heat treating of the entire joint for better structural qualities. Nut can be detached for easy disassembly if replacement becomes necessary. For this only a circlip has to be removed.

End Connections -

End connections can be provided for customer choices.

MTS Incorporation  supplies a quality line of high pressure Integral / Fabricated Union connections with Unions in various configurations and sizes from 2" to 4" and in pressure ratings upto 20,000 PSI CWP. These items are manufactured from high strength alloy steel forgings and fully heat treated under controlled conditions to assure uniform quality throughout. Available in combinations Male by Male, Male by Female to suit virtually any installation.

The type of connections that MTS supplies  are -

  • Crosses, Elbows, T's & Y's.

  • 45 and 60 laterals

  • Crows foot

  • Goat Head.

Recommended Service -

High Pressure Discharge Lines, Auxiliary Flow Lines, Temporary Flow Lines, Cementing and Circulating Lines, Well Testing Lines and other High Pressure applications.






FMC products are offered   on request.