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Cementing & Circulating Hoses & Swivel Joints

MTS Incorporation is a leader in developing the Swivel Joints and Cementing & Circulating Hoses  and caters for all sizes from 1" to 2", for low pressure of 1000 PSI to high pressure of 20,000 PSI and meets both standard and sour service conditions of the well. For Sour Service these hoses are available at CWP of 15000 PSI. Standard lengths supplied are 6' and 12'. Swivel Joints can be supplied in various configurations from style 10 to style 80. These hoses are designed to handle  complete range of fluids. For pressure ratings beyond 10000 PSI CWP, long sweep hoses are provided. These hoses can also be supplied in half section configuration. End connections can be welded, threaded, NPS or integral to suit customers requirement.

Test Equipment & Testing

MTS Incorporation is equipped reasonably well with all the test equipment. A comprehensive series of inspection & test procedures prescribed are.

  • Detailed and comprehensive series of inspection of Raw-Materials including metallurgical inspection.

  • Dimensional verification.

  • Hardness Testing.

  • Non-Destructive examination, such as Ultrasonic, Magnetic particles inspections etc.

  • Identification marking maintained in material and parts throughout manufacturing for easy trace ability.

  • The Cementing & Circulating Hoses are tested for Hydro test Secondary test, Cyclic test, Nitrogen test and diesel soak test. All Elastomers are tested for volume swell test.

General Description -


These Hoses are recommended for service in Low Pressure Lines, High & Extra High Pressure Lines, Discharge Lines, Water lines, Well Testing Lines, Cementing & Circulating Lines, Temporary Flow Lines and Extra Pressure Abrasive Applications.


Swivel Joint Connection

MTS Hoses features Swivel Joints which provide flexibility, maximize flow characteristics and absorb Shock Vibrations.


  Wings Unions

MTS Wing Unions end connections provided in the Cementing Hoses ensure pressure tight and fast make up and quick break-out without threading, welding or special connections.