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MTS Incorporation  supplies BOP Accumulator Unit to meets all the API 16D specifications.

The unit is specifically designed to assure reliable control of BOP stack with sumptuous reserve for continuous operation even under emergency conditions, thus ensuring crew safety.

BOP accessories - pipe rack, control panels, air remote panels, electrical remote panels, PLC panels.

A typical BOP control system for drilling is equipped with the following: N 11-gallon, 3000-psi WP, accumulator bottles, ASME-coded and stamped (Additional certifications, DNV, TUV, etc., are available upon request.)  Electronic motor-driven triplex pump assembly with motor starter and automatic switch—all explosion-proof.  Fluid control manifold with air cylinders for remote controls 60:1 ratio air-operated pumps with air automatic pressure switch Glycerin-filled, panel-mounted gauges (extra heavy-duty mud pump-type gauges available)  Hydraulic over air pressure transmitters to convert critical hydraulic pressures to low-pressure air signals to be transmitted by the control air hose bundles to the remote panels.  Fail-safe, air motor-driven, pressure-reducing and -regulating valve (with manual override) to control hydraulic pressure to annular-type BOP.

BOP control units are available in all sizes and can be equipped with low air pressure, low fluid level, low accumulator pressure, and explosion-proof alarm systems.

BOP control system designed for well snubbing operations.

BOP control system with skidded bottle rack and pump.